Mission of Solar prime

At Solar Prime, our MISSION is to harness the power of the sun, to bring safe, clean, renewable solar power to communities in the Midwest.

primary goal

At SolarPrime, our PRIMARY GOAL is to work in a collaborative manner with Utilities, Municipalities and Land Owners to support local renewable energy objectives, address climate change, enhance local economies and to reduce our reliance on foreign fuels. 

our business

At SolarPrime, our BUSINESS is to identify and develop installation sites for utility grade photo voltaic (PV) solar generation, with a primary focus on the Midwest.  We work collaboratively with land owners to identify viable sites for solar energy production and with Utilities to meet the energy requirements of the electrical grid.   We bring land owners, PV installers, and utility companies together in mutually beneficial manner such that everyone lives a more environmentally friendly life today as well as into the future.